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March 1, 2007

Weekend road trip to Sunriver (Bend)

So, I had a medical conference to present at which to present a short talk on lung imaging last weekend. My in-laws were in Portland for my daughter's 5th birthday party. Instead of paying a gazillion dollars to rent a minivan, we decided to take both the Outback and the BMW 2002.

Well, it turns out, that the Cascade range was getting dumped on the entire weekend. I was a little nervous about taking the car over the mountains during such snowy/icy conditions (Government Camp was requiring chains and Santiam Pass only required that you carry them). So, with some hesitation, we set off towards Bend via Santiam Pass and ORE Highway 22.

As you can see from the photos, it was very dicey in some spots. Before this trip, I'd yet to need to use windshield wiper fluid. In fact, I knew there were washer nozzles (I'd seen them when opening the bonnet), but I really couldn't remember every seeing a reservoir for the washer fluid... So, I start pulling different knobs and levers, when BAM! the wipers stop working in mid-stroke as well as the fuel gauge and tachometer. This was right before Santiam Pass. So, we stopped and, thanks to my mechanic Joseph, owner of Munich Motorworks in Gresham, I had some extra fuses. I popped one in, and things were back to normal. I think what I did wrong was to pull the indicator level toward me. That's when the fuse blew. Hmm...

Here are some pictures of the 02 on Santiam Pass, taken by my father-in-law who was driving the Outback behind me. The car ran like a champ through the mountains with plenty of power and pull to spare. I think it might be the sidedraft Weber 45 DCOE/Lynx manifold setup that provides good power in the 3000 RPM and up range but gives me such trouble around town.  

Changing the fuse near Santiam Pass

Fuse changed! Wipers working again. 

Just about to the pass... 

At Santiam Pass. VERY dicey! I just about stopped to chain-up...

 Rewarded. Parked in front of the Sunriver Lodge

A true Bavarian photo, eh? I just love a cashmere sweater with the 02- so 70s! 

At the parking lot of the Mt. Hood Brewery in Government Camp, OR. It was dumping snow. 

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